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Remcy Mongrue

thanks to Sean Mize and Keye last night while i was at work I thought about becoming a product creator. The ideas just flowed into my head again and i thought to myself (wait a minute I have a unique gift of combining two different methods and creating something new out of it why don’t I try creating self-improvement products?) Thanks to Sean Mize’s webinar where he said try thinking of a new offer in 2 minutes well it came to me several hours later. I have already come up with many different concepts already including ones where the people who buy the product can “play along with someone else be it a friend/partner/child etc. So i’ll be brainstorming today to come up with 2-3 main products for my website along with my membership. Thanks again Sean Mize and Keye for making me stretch my potential. I remember I reading one of Keye’s post where he said he created 5 products and that got me thinking about being a product creator. In fact i may just stumbled upon a realization that i may be more right brained than left brained and i feel i have to develop this side of myself especially as it relates to the self-improvement niche. Thank you again Sean Mize and Keye had i not got in contact with Sean and read Keye’s post I may not have had these thoughts that I am having now.

more updates to come later today.

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