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by Keye Wu Wu
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Keye Wu Wu

24th Sept 2016 (Sat) Hustle Log

#1 Wrote 1 Blog Post + 2 Ezine Articles

#2 Researched self-help/personal development forums – sadly found a ton of low quality, low-engagement or irrelevant ones -> probably not gonna waste time and energy there

#3 Selected 3 Top Very High-Traffic Guest Blogging Places I may able to write articles for – will create some nice content for them and see if they’ll start publishing my contents!

– I have upgraded my website’s design (after 4.5 months of using the UGLY default WordPress theme!)
Now, I really LOVE my website and not feel embarrassed by the design, it looks amazing don’t you guys think?
Plus the squeeze looks professional too!

#5 Used Canva to quickly create my YouTube Channel banner. Look awesome too!
Have a look guys 🙂

Of course, I see these few hours as luxury because it’s non the core part of the business. But it’s sth NICE to have when you got the foundations down. 😉

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