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Keye Wu Wu

28th Sept 2016 (Wed) Hustle Log

A GREAT Productive Day – Slept at 2am but woke up at 7ish but still have the energy to do a lot of work!

#1 Wrote 1 Blog Post + 3 Ezine Articles

#2 Preloaded my 3 products into Week 1,3,5 membership content

#3 Finished <How to Write a Pre-Selling Email Campaign> audio training
#4 Attended today’s 3 hour coaching calls!

Combining each lesson, I got 3 biggest takeaways:
– People buy based on their TRUST on you, not words in fancy salespage. (10% is salesletter, but 90% of trust was built from squeeze page encounter onwards)
– Learnt about the 3-day pre-sell email campaign, announcing selling emails
-****How can I know what people want in my membership? Once they opt in to my list, start finding out their biggest problems and use those points to craft my sales letter. Super genius insight from Sean today! 🙂

NEW insight: Multiple squeeze pages going to ONE funnel?

So my membership is more or less half live, just need to focus on getting subs, figure out their challenges, and then create my membership salespage.

Btw, SUPER HAPPY today because my guest post for a BIG website in my niche has been ACCEPTED! 😀
This is my first official guest posting out there, so will continue to find out these opportunities I can engage with.

My Next 3 Biggest Things To Do:
#1 Create My 5th Product
#2 Write Amazing Content For Guest Posting Sites
#3 Daily Content – Blog, Newsletter, YouTube Videos, Ezine Articles

1:48am now, gotta sleep and dominate another day tomorrow!

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