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by Trevor Dumbleton
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Trevor Dumbleton

A handful of people who’ve not been on my list before – it’s not taken off as an offer but it was rushed out. Will know next week whether the two $1 trials for the membership pay at least their first full month. It’s my cheaper membership offering at just under $10/month, retention seems to vary anything from just the first 7 days up to a couple of years.

Next offer (which won’t be for at least a week) I need to do a better funnel and will probably re-test either a $1 initial, $3 upsell, $7 upsell or a $3-ish starting price (Barb Ling style) plus a couple of upsells.

Have also just joined Reed Floren’s IM giveaway and paid the $10 upsell to be allowed to give away more offers. Will get those sorted and uploaded over the weekend or early next week.

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