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Rick Smith

Sept. 30th

1. Completed tracking devices resource “guide” for intro lesson.
2. Continued working on resource document for intro lesson.
3. Completed daily review.

Analysis of items I completed for September

I got a lot of things completed last month (I’m writing this on Oct. 1st – can’t believe it’s already October!). I’m much closer to my goal of launching my membership site. However, I didn’t reach my goal of finishing the first four lessons so I could do the initial launch. So that’s a little disappointing. But not too upset about it. I’m viewing it as a learning experience. One thing I’ve learned is that it’s taking waaaay longer to complete things than I expected. So I have to start allowing more time to complete tasks.

For example, I thought I could complete the intro lesson resource and homework guides and supporting documents in a few hours. Instead, it’s taken five days to get to this point (that’s not five days @ 40 hours per day – that’s five days @ about 2 hours per day). Admittedly, some of the items I completed in those five days apply to all four of the initial lessons (such as uploading the videos, extracting the audios, etc.) so I guess it’s actually more like three days to get where I’m at. Ok. I feel a little better about that.

Just to clarify, the time this is taking me isn’t due to distraction or BSOs or any of the nonsense that has tripped me up for so many years. It’s taking considerable time to complete the work. It took hours to upload the lesson videos. That’s because they’re each several GB in size but also because it took time to upload them to Amazon S3.

Then there was research time for some of the documents (I have a little more research to do as well). For example, I bought some PLR on fitness tracking devices awhile back. My plan was to tweak that information slightly for my purposes but use the PLR pretty much as it was. Yes…well… those documents were pretty much unusable in their current state. They would have required complete rewrites to be usable. I’ve bought PLR from that source before and the other items I’ve bought from them have been pretty decent. This wasn’t. So I took what I could from them and created the tracking device guide fairly quickly. Rewriting that PLR would have taken way too long.

So… bottom line. I didn’t complete my goal for September but I did get a lot done and I’m much closer to my goal of launching my membership site with the first four lessons. My goal for the month of October is to get my membership site launched with the first four lessons.

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