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Remcy Mongrue

Thanks Rick I checked out the colorcode website and yeah i would like to checkout the Kendall Life Languages offer that Marian Hays Offers. The “blueprint” that I am talking about is still in it’s early conception phase. I have been thinking of adding a checklist and some kind of drawing exercise that I would like people to do. In fact I just thought about a drawing exercise just now. One that will involve people drawing something in 3-D I will show them How. In Fact I think I will Create a test and then based on the Results I’ll have them draw out 4 Shapes in a 3-D fashion kinda like the color code test. I always want people to be “engaged” in the products I create. Well I have more research to do. Thanks for the info Rick you have opened my eyes to new ways of self-improvement.

Trevor thanks man because of you i figured out how to create the redirect page for people who optin the only thing I need to do now is create a link that will lead to the Sales page of the info product and put it in that thank you page and then set up the funnel that way. This is fun way more fun than my 9-5 job. I like going through the process of creating and learning how to be self-employed. Well off to another 8 hours.

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