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Keye Wu Wu

2nd Oct 2016 (Sun) Hustle Log

Okay, have went out social and celebrated a little bit for working hard last week. Let’s do a recap.

Last Friday:
#1 Wrote 1 Blog Post + 3 Ezine
#2 Outlined 5th product, but wasn’t very satisfied with the depth of content so may need to add something to it

#1 Made a mistake of incongruency between the marketing and the content. Had made some major changes in the funnel with Sean’s help. Glad that I now have a clearer target audience I’m looking for.
#2 Things become tougher than expected, had set some new goals for the next 10 days, must keep going no matter what

Thanks a lot Sean for the encouragement!

Thanks Cynthia! Unfortunately there are some changes so I won’t be able to participate in the awesome program. Anyhow, I will find my way to make my business work. 🙂

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