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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

Cynthia –

I have to constantly work on not getting so mad at issues like that that I let it destroy my entire day. I’ve allowed that to happen way too many times in the past.

Keye –

I’m OK with setting goals and not reaching them sometimes. But if it happens too much, it probably means I’m being too ambitious with the goals I’m setting or that I’m not working hard enough to reach those goals. That said, I don’t want to set goals that aren’t large enough.

As far as the PLR is concerned, you’re right. There’s some real garbage out there. That’s why I went through it personally. That’s how I discovered that it was unusable in its current state. The company’s credit, they’ve given me a credit so I can get something else at the same price. The manager of whatever said he was going to through it himself. So that’s good.

Oct. 1st

1. Completed the “what’s your background” homework document for my intro lesson.
2. Completed the “what do you want, where are you now, where do you want to go” document for my intro lesson.
3. Began listening to the recording of Sean’s “How to Write a Sales Letter” coaching call from the Sept. 28th All Access call.

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