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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

Oct. 4th

The day turned out to be mostly a bust due to technical issues.

1. Began to configure Simple:Press for forums on my membership site and things disintegrated rapidly. I was suddenly no longer able to login to WordPress at all.
2. Restored site from backup. I thought that had fixed it initially but the problem persisted.
3. Posted cries for help on All Access and the OptimizePress FaceBook group.
4. Due to the assistance of an individual on the FB group, I was able to get the issue resolved. (Just tested it again. It’s still working.)
5. Ran a full backup after fixing the login issue.
6. Removed database tables that were left over from Simple:Press and Pretty Link. I didn’t want anything mucking up the site while I was getting things corrected.
7. Deleted some plugins I wasn’t using and updated three other plugins.
8. Ran another full backup.
9. Completed daily review.
10. Listened to the recording of the first segment of today’s live call.

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