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Trevor Dumbleton

Slideshare is owned by LinkedIn but I’ve been on it since before they bought it – looks like you now have to join via LinkedIn.

Not earth shattering traffic – it shows in my logs every now and then, but still more often than the hundreds more articles I’ve got on EzineArticles.

Using it is based on several reasons:

* It’s quick and easy – all I do is add a couple of links after I’ve recorded the video, change the “video” references on the final slide, upload the presentation, put the title in Title Case because its system thinks sentence case is how titles should be displayed, add in a couple of tags & write a short description. Then anyone who doesn’t want to watch a 10 minute video can read a 16 page presentation.
* Google, etc will index it & see it as a link to my site from a trusted source, hopefully eventually helping my ranking
* Slideshare has some traffic of its own – according to their stats, about 1 in 6 views come from their site
* I’ve just recently decided to promote new presentations on the LinkedIn equivalent of shares. I’m guessing that won’t be downplayed by the LinkedIn algorithms and may well be helped.

So for maybe 5 minutes extra work, I get quite a few potential benefits and no downside that I can see.

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