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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

Oct. 5th

1. Installed bbPress on my test site. It worked fine there.
2. Installed bbPress on my membership site. It didn’t render well at all. Found out there were conflicts between bbPress and the OptimizePress theme which is what I’m using on my membership site. (I’m using the OP plugin on my test site. bbPress doesn’t have any conflicts with the plugin.)
3. Removed bbPress from my test site.
4. Removed bbPress from my membership site.
5. Started having the login error again on my membership site so I had to re-run force-upgrade.php.
6. Installed and configured Simple:Press on my membership site. The accountability forum and the ask anything forum are now working on my membership site. Simple:Press seems to work fine. The pages are adequate, not optimal. I’m going with it as it is since I’ve spent more than enough time on this already.
7. Finished listening to the recording of Tuesday’s live call.
8. Listened to more episodes of the “Story Branding Podcast.”
9. Completed daily review.

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