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Has anyone ever LOST a File Folder of things you have been working on? Well, I did two days ago…

I did not realize until I started working on my business yesterday evening…and freaked out! I had lost an entire FOLDER of items!

I looked for 4 hours yesterday evening and almost 4 hours tonight…I could not find it through the “search” function for some reason…it wasn’t in my Trash, I was really, really – BUMMED OUT!

What had happened was, I had so much “stuff” on my desk top, I started to “clean it up.” I was combining “like things” into one Folder, deleting some things I no longer needed, etc. THEN I found out that, somehow (without paying attention) I had done “something” with my project folder!

Well, finally, about an hour ago – I FOUND IT!!! PHEW!

I, literally, had to go through every folder in my computer…starting with the desktop and then through the trash and then over to the server where I had moved some things…AND THERE IT WAS! Nestled down inside another folder – that was in another folder…that’s why I didn’t see it last night. I was searching for my “main folder” just clicking down through other main folders. Tonight, I started to open the other main folders and any other sub-folders…and I finally found the folder I was looking for!

SO – for the past two days, I have not been able to do ANY work…I have spent most of my available time searching for that folder…(But I have it back “home” on my desktop now…right where it belongs! Tomorrow I begin to work again on my business and keep going forward!



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