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by Remcy Mongrue
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Remcy Mongrue

ok i know i have not been accountable for a few days but I have finished a few things over the past couple days.
1. I finished the recording for my squeeze page (it’s a video recording of what i’m going to show them)
2. I finished refining my first info product (after re-shooting 3 times) all that’s left is to write the sales letter and perhaps have a picture for it.
3. I think I’m going to use power point for my next 2 products combined with audio (to make things different and also to stretch myself)
4. I have to make the follow up e-mails so I can begin the “relationship” portion of the e-mail sequence.
And a few other things I have to take care of. I’m convinced that If i had a whole week I would be able to finish everything but I have to work so i can only get a bit done each day but it’s better than nothing.

Well that’s all for today I’m off tomorrow too so I’m going to put in the effort probably early in the morning

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