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by Trevor Dumbleton
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Trevor Dumbleton

Daily email to my list, 17 page document on Slideshare, 9.5 minute video.

One more paid sale on the Reed Floren internet marketing giveaway – either I’ve not found a way to make giveaways work for me or they’re not overly responsive. I suspect it’s the latter – the stats inside the JV area show a total of 61 JV members (those actually giving away products) and 687 total members of which 140 are actively downloading gifts (plus any members introduced by Reed as those don’t show on the stats page).

Total sales generated so far (upgrades for JV members and products for sale = $231.73

Probably not something I’ll take part in again but if you don’t test, you don’t find out & I’ve got a few new subscribers to my lists, some of which have stayed beyond the first email.

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