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by Trevor Dumbleton
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Trevor Dumbleton

Rick, have fun helping with the Wood Badge course (I’m a Scout Leader here in UK)

You mentioned in Remcy’s thread about being part time. When a friend and I started our first internet marketing business back in 1995 we were both part time, evenings and weekends. We learned to outsource things fast – this was back before most of our customers had an internet connection so we direct mailed them. Deliveries came after hours, mail shots were outsourced (so some people actually made real money stuffing envelopes at home), suppliers were contacted mainly by fax. We had our first full time employee when we both had full time jobs elsewhere & the office was deliberately chosen because it was between my house and my newsagent so I could call in first thing, before our employee had arrived, and deliver the post that was delivered to my house. The business did well (it reached over a million visitors a month at its peak) and is still running although we missed a few tricks so didn’t maximise its potential. Hindsight is great – one of the suppliers we partnered with as an affiliate sold out for $95 million, Multimap who we also partnered with sold out for $4 million. Either of those figures would have been nice!

So it’s do-able part time if a bit frantic at times 🙂

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