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by Sharon Bechtold
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Sharon Bechtold

Got my opt-in done!!!!

Posted a few pics on instagram and got 3 new subscribers!!!!

Thanks Sean.

I was on your call yesterday with Michael Fargarson and also listened to the recordings you suggested before the call. I must admit I have pretty much given up on my original goal in building my business online and resorted to the “just make money online” thinking.

I’ve spent nearly 12 years establishing myself as one of the foremost pyrographers in North America and really wanted to create a membership site. I’ve had all sorts of setbacks and a number of people who tell me to do something else.

I’ve made my living full-time for over 8 years teaching, writing and selling artwork – now I want to stop traveling all over the country and teach online. I appreciate the advice you gave me yesterday and am renewing my original plan to move forward with teaching pyrograpy online (also known as woodburning).

Thanks again,


BTW here is my site in case you want to see what pyrography is all about

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