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Remcy Mongrue

ok the mailchimp process is finally done. Next step I’m going to be writing the sales letter and emails. I registered for website rocket. Next I’m going to rework the story for my membership content. the idea came to me when I was in church. I want to create a story that combines characters who have astrological/numerology traits with an over all underlying theme that connects all of them to each other. So an example 1 character can be like an aries who is very stubborn,aggressive and selfish yet he can also be a great leader (number 1 numerology). That way perhaps the story part of my membership content can appeal to many different types of people. And there is also more work to do. but the main thing I want to get started this week is the 1000 subs, website rocket and maybe my first press release although that might be towards the end of the month. Wow so many ideas do i have enough time to work on all of them?

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