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Rick Smith

Trevor –

As the senior patrol leader (do you call it the same thing in the UK?) for the course, I’m in front of the participants more than any other staff member. I had one presentation to do last week and one to do this week but my other involvement more than makes up for that. The most obvious skill transfer is that I get to practice my presentation skills x 10!

Oct. 17th

1. Completed lesson 1 resources & homework materials.
2. Completed daily review.
3. Listened to Sean’s training from last week.

Oct. 18th

I’m going to go ahead and post today’s accountability as well since I have some Wood Badge related items to work on and I don’t know that I can spend much more time on the IMB today. However, what I completed today should more than make up for that.

1. Completed lesson 2 resources & homework materials.
2. Completed lesson 3 resources & homework materials. This means the first four lessons for my membership site are now complete. I just have to get everything loaded into the site itself. This is another milestone for me.
3. Completed daily review.
4. Re-listened to the Q&A section from Sean’s training of last week.

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