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by Keye Wu Wu
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Keye Wu Wu

18th Oct 2016 (Tue) Hustle Log

#1 Wrote 1 Blog Post + 3 Ezine -> This somehow has become my daily habit already

#2 Learnt some psychology and cognitive biases things, so I cam communicate better with others.

#3 Got my first subscriber in my newsletter, will start writing daily emails to them.

#4 Got my 2nd public guest post LIVE in a big site, pretty happy about it 🙂

#5 Attended Sean’s Live Training

Takeaway: Urgency To Find Out Where My Tribe Hang Out + Help Those People Out While Creating Relevant “Bait”/”Awareness” of my presence + Give them opportunity to find me online in case they are curious enough to search and learn more about my work.

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