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by Bud Evans
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Bud Evans

To answer Sean’s question. My personal evaluation is based upon the accomplished completion of items on my prioritized list. My times is spent on a task until it is finished or a per-determined stopping point is reached. Of course some times the best of plans get changed by outside events.

I am well satisfied with what I am able to accomplish.

Now here are the general task for the next couple of weeks. These tasks will be broken down into smaller components and a time for each assigned as well as a priority.

–Complete installation of engine in Chrysler Pacifica
–Revise and review Kindle book descriptions
–Review, revise and update Amazon Author Central
–5 days a week write 1500 word for product creation use Matrix as a guide.
–Review and Revise Kindle books.
–Publish 2 new short Kindle books.
–Study methods and develop a plan to drive traffic for book sales.
–Stay on top of family health problems.
–Complete preliminary plans for land and building refinance
These are the priority items and will be placed in a order priority dependent upon the immediate and long term actions to reach set goals.

Thanks for the help,

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