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Bob Thibodeau

Hi Sean,
Thanks for the encouragement!
Yes…finally – I was able to get InstaMember loaded up on my new site. It took me about three days total to handle that situation…but it is ok now.
I am almost complete with week three of the four weeks in the autoresponder (delayed on that while I was trying different things with the Membership software). I’m back on track now. I will have week three completed by tomorrow. Then on to week four.
I am looking at starting to promote the Free Membership soon (probably the first of the month). I still have to run tests on every aspect of it to make sure it is doing what it is supposed to do.

QUESTION: How do YOU test your websites before going Live? And the autoresponder? (It is a 30 day email campaign – with an email due to be sent out each day…do you just test one or two days and then “go for it?”)

I’ll post this question to the forum as well.

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