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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

Ok, The weekend is coming and it looks like I will have time to work again. 🙂

A few things, First, I am feeling much better as, finally, after three nights of not more than 2-3 hours of sleep, I actually got a full 5 1/2 hours in, 1 1/2 more hours than my norm.

@Bud, thank you for the suggestion, I am looking at it again.

@Sean, Memberpress looks good, but my budget is still in the lower two-digits.

** Note: my autoresponder service upgraded me to a new system. I am in the process of learning it and moving everything over to it. This is why everything needs AR work completed. **

As far as it goes about me over-complicating things, that is my nature. Someone once told me if he hadn’t had water to drink in a week and depended on my telling him how to work a water fountain, he’d go look for some other source of water. Unfortunately, his opinion still stands many decades later. This is why I try to go back and look over my original goals periodically.

I also tend to let myself get sucked into shiny object syndrome, but so far this year, I have done pretty well to keep that in check. I just got a compliment from a marketer I told I would not be buying his great product because it wasn’t in line with what I am working on. I wouldn’t have even looked except that it had to do with traffic.

But, I digress…

Looking over my current assets, I have the following to work with:

  • RR and PLR ecommerce site, loaded, tested and operational with the exception of the autoresponder.
  • 10×10 Matrix Outline for one of my hobbies: Aquaponics
  • ~1000 GB of PLR/RR that I can sort through and add to the or convert to my own products.
  • Two Weight-loss sites with funnels set up but need to set up autoresponder.
  • One list building squeeze page, that’s actually been getting hits even though it doesn’t offer a freebie.
    It also needs an autoresponder set up.
  • 20+ domain names, hosting, and lifetime autoresponder subscription.

As it stands, my site is really competing with the 1000 other similar sites that sell PLR for pennies on the dollar in an ecommerse plugin. I don’t really like that model, an attitude I developed only after initially setting this up.

My current goal for the site is to provide the option of people buying from the site direct, but to provide unique content for the site. It may be articles, etc. created in-house, or converted PLR that is now a unique, brandable RR product. In addition I want to provide the services of setting up the sales funnels for the buyer. That’s just one line.

Another angle is to provide a subscription per niche continuity income by providing PLR for specific niches. For example, two subscriptions would be weight loss and aquaponics. I would provide weekly or monthly new article packs and/or products for each niche.

I really want to use JVZoo, but after a short discussion with one of their staff, I come to find out that they aren’t quite there yet with interfacing with sites for subscription services, and even less with ecommerce sites.

This was intended to be an affiliate marketing site, that eventually leads to a self-made product/sales funnel.
The emails are to contain hints I learned from the gurus, taken from bullet points in various sales letters. Then, I would use the emails to promote appropriate affiliate products. Strangely enough, even with search engines being discouraged from listing the site, a few people have found it and signed up.

I probably have enough “knowledge” to write a report, or even an ebook. I have enough PLR to create a continuity program for it, but I have only 1 subscriber, and that’s only because he knows me. I would feel very uncomfortable, if not guilty for pursuing this topic until I have actually succeeded in it.

Currently, these sites have PLR material for freebie, I set them up as examples, but never took them down. They both have products, but need the autoresponders set up and some kind of followups and/or sales funnels.
Since I lost 45 pounds in 6 months, I could justify pursuing this niche. I probably have enough knowledge to make up at least a 10×10 matrix outline on the topic and subtopics, probably 10x10x10… I don’t know if there is an end of available resources and topics for this niche. While I am interested in losing more weight, the weight loss niche isn’t my top interest.

When I get my next full two week paycheck, I hope to become active it it. I already have about 40 years (off and on) of experience in the aquarium hobby.
I created an Aquaponics 10×10 matrix outline to write articles for the site and for PLR content. I took last weekend off my business to relax and worked on this site. (I had just spent 3 intense weeks of pressing to set up The reason it can be relaxing is that it is my newest hobby and I have no deadlines or pressure to get it completed as it isn’t the site I was working on.

My options (other suggestions are welcome)

  • As/Is: Setup autoresponder and start driving traffic to it as/is.
    Use the income to start building on the additional products and services
  • Revamped: Trash what I have and start over. Create a membership site only site.
    Use the subscription income to pay for the products.
    Build on it from there.
  • Create my first email campaign and start driving traffic.
    Or I could set it up as a text-book funnel example of what this coaching program teaches.
  • LoseFat/ Choose one of the sites, Create a 10×10 matrix, a squeeze page, and a give-away product.
    Create a beginning series of emails and start promoting.
    This is another text-book example.
  • MyAquarium.Rocks as planned:Finish setting up the blog, set up an autoresponder, use the Matrix to start writing blog articles and promote.
  • MyAquarium.Rocks Revamped: It could be set up as a sales funnel rather than a blog.

I believe the first option will be the least profitable, and the second (pretty much what I want to add to the site) would take too long and be expensive to start up.

The third option would be doable, but I would feel like the “fake it till you make it” guru. That doesn’t set so well with me.

The biggest potential probably comes from the weight-loss niche and I can confidently work with it. When I set them up, one was just going to be a list building site promoting affiliate products, the other just a test site. Now, I have had the experience and materials I used and applied to lose weight myself. I don’t consider myself an “Expert” but I can help those in my condition get started.
Setting up the weight loss site would be a text-book example of Sean’s instructions for this coaching program.

While I have much more experience in the aquarium side of the aquaponics niche, even more than in the weightloss niche, I wouldn’t feel as comfortable revamping it to meet the standard sales funnel. I think I can do it. I would just be dependent on some aspects from book knowledge rather than experience. I will be experimenting with it very soon, I hope.

If I follow my original plan of making it a blog and building on it, I am afraid I have a lot of work and time before it will be very profitable.

I didn’t include all the details of what I want or can do with any of these sites, but this is a bit of an overview of my assets and options as I see them right now.

Which ever option I choose, I will pretty much drop everything else until I reach certain goals. I’ll also continue writing PLR in the weight-loss, aquaponics/aquarium and MMO niches as they are on my mind.

You just read all this, so I know your gears are spinning in your head. What would you recommend and why? Just leave a brief answer. I think it will help others who follow who might be in similar situations.

Thank you

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