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by Julia Stueber
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Julia Stueber

Hi Maria!
That is a great question: people always wonder, where I get my motivation and why I get so much done, some even wonder if I clone myself. 😉 But to be honest: I have a very clear vision this time and have a vision board as well as visualizing it every morning. I have tried so many things in internet marketing, but this one feels real and completely me, and I think that’s where the motivation comes from.

Sean, I will set my new milestones next week – this week I concentrated on writing content for the newsletter. I now have 19 days in my autoresponder and a clear plan for 7 more days. This week I didn’t have much time to work due to the Autumn holidays of my kid, but I managed to keep everything running and have been very active on social media. My goal is to (auto)post three times a day and I can see my follower numbers rising. Plus I was asked from another website if I would like to be interviewed! Of course I do! 🙂

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