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Bob Thibodeau

I have continued to load emails into my 30 day autoresponder. One more week of emails and I will have the 30 days completed. Then it is time to test almost every aspect I can think of. All of the informative tips I received from the Forum will help greatly – I appreciate the tips and the help!

I have continued to send out emails to the initial group (about 800) and I have been getting about 15% open rate. Not impressive, but it was a semi-cold list. No responses to requests for “What is you number one issue…” etc. type of emails. Not even one.

The Solo Ads that I ran a couple weeks ago are included in the 800+ leads I have. I wasn’t really holding out much hope for the solo ads…it was my first foray into that. I have more hope for the JV Giveaway I will joining…then next week I will be hosting one as a “co-host”. Last I did this, I had over 1100 subscribers (the 800+ list includes ones from the last event). But the BIG difference is “this time” I have multiple products to offer as an upsell. Last time, I was mainly trying to build a list with the giveaways…and “hoping” for an upsell (none came). But, like I said, this time I have a completely new website, autoresponder sequence, new products, some bundles and two different memberships available.

Time will tell…

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