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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

It’s been a long, unproductive week. Lack of sleep and realizing that the technology of putting my plan together isn’t compatible. The best I can do is nappy-patch it by spending a lot routine labor keeping it operational. My goal is to set it up and be able to walk away a week or two at the time and it still function.
The biggest defeat came when I learned that JVZoo cannot be an option for my plan! Add that to the complexity of what I designed, and at this point, it’s a bust!

My autoresponder was also upgraded, so what time I had was mostly spent on learning how the new one works and recreating all my autoresponders with the new technologies. I think I have learned what I need to know and started setting up a template for all my autoresponders to make setting them up faster. I have to set them up next.

I posted my assets and options in “Ask Anything” as a followup to “Just how difficult can I make this?” and opened the floor to answers and suggestions from the subscribers as well as Sean.

If my wife’s calendar is correct, I have an open day most all day tomorrow! That’s great news. I’ll take that time to finish updating the autoresponders and possibly uploading a new PLR package I bought today.

I will need to make a decision as to what option to follow. Whether to put RRPLR on the back burner for now and develop another niche line or design a new plan for RRPLR based on what limitations I now know about.

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