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Bob Thibodeau

Only three more emails until I am satisfied with the first 30 days of the auto-responder sequence. There are a few affiliate products contained within the sequence…but I am not “pushing” them (more like, “you can choose any provider you want – these are the ones I am using and they work great” type of lines).

I will be finished tomorrow (10-25-16) with the first 30 days of emails…

This is advertised as a “30 day FREE Membership” consisting of emails that provide value, tips, etc. to help newbie marketers get started. In actuality, it will go 45 days…with the last two weeks beginning continuing to provide value – but a little more “depth” to begin to tantalize them…and begin to introduce the Paid Membership program…the first will be the “Four Weeks To Your First Online Sale” which is a one time payment of $27…which then leads into the Junior Coaching Program (being developed…that’s not the name – just a description for the folks on this forum) – which will run $29 per month but they will get a $10 coupon – making it $19 per month…which will eventually lead into the next coaching program at $49 per month. BOTH of the coaching programs are in “theory only” mode right now as I have been working adamantly on the Free membership and the first stages of the “Four Weeks” membership.

But – things are beginning to take shape and I can now “SEE” what they are going to look like…Praise God!

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