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Bob Thibodeau

Yay ME!

I have completed the FIRST 30 days of my FREE Membership in the autoresponder!

I will continue to load more training, probably another two weeks worth, to “over deliver” and begin to introduce them to my “paid membership” training.

So, as I continue to finish the last two weeks (it could be twelve days – somewhere around there) – I will also be integrating suggestions and links for the “Paid Membership” – which means I need to put the finishing touches on the first few weeks of that program (I have training already loaded – but, in keeping with Sean’ theme of “asking what they need help on” and “provide them training in those areas” – I am intentionally leaving some “wiggle room” to adapt as that program goes along.

I loaded the “Day 30 Email” into the Forum and have asked for feedback on how it sounds and whether it is a “good idea” to do it this way. Any feedback is appreciated.


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