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by Julia Stueber
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Julia Stueber

*sigh* Again one of these moments when life is happening while you are planing.

My son started elementary school 9 weeks ago and was supposed to stay there till 3pm, make homework and get a lunch. Turns out nobody is really watching the kids and now one of his shoes has been stolen last week, and today he was beaten by several kids. We just decided to fetch him from there 1,5 hours earlier – which was my time to work on my coaching business after my half-time work. )-; I am totally crushed, but my son is more important to me then anybody else. I will try to work in the evenings, but as he doesn’t sleep before 9pm there isn’t much time left. I also could work half an hour in the morning… there will be a way to keep things running, but for now it will be only my newsletter/autoresponder and writing my book.

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