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Cynthia Leighton

Bob, Thank you! I appreciate you being a subscriber (please do reply so I know who is you!). And I’m delighted to learn that I am inspiring you to do something everyday. It feels good reading that!! Thanks 🙂 blessings, Cynthia

Yesterday, Tuesday…

* participated in Sean’s faith call
* outlined Wednesday’s training
* daily email
* daily traffic

Today, Wednesday…

* live on Sean’s Fast & Furious Sales Intensive coaching call
* daily email
* enhanced outline
* recorded today’s live training call as segment for Product 1 because I was able to address 4 subscribers’ expressed needs with it (making sure each element for Product 1 reflects real subscriber needs 🙂 )
* made youtube and tweeted link; it’s an excerpt from today’s product 1 segment. It’s here:
* daily traffic

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