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Bob Thibodeau

After mailing my list of 800+ daily with “content” related information, I emailed my list on the 26th of October with the first “pitch” for joining the “30 day Free Membership.” I had five subscribers when I checked on the morning of the 27th! I just sent another email to the 800+ group tonight (different content but the same message). Open rates were low (about 4%) but out of the opens, to have five subscribers was about a 16% conversion rate. Let’s see how the next message converts (I’ll keep you posted).

The five are now in the “autoresponder sequence” for the 30 day free training…now I get to plan my first “Live Training” and email the five about the details of that. I will be doing that on Monday and holding the training on Wednesday. Oh-boy…haven’t been this nervous since I had to ask that cute girl out to the movies in high school!!! LOL (Just kidding…nerves are fine now…I bet they will be like that on Wednesday, though)!!!

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