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by Mark Rhodes
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Mark Rhodes


For some reason, the aquaponics idea jumped out at me. Not for me personally, but for you. You seem to have all the pieces pretty well lined up. The “as planned” version.

And you said it was relaxing and fresh in your mind. Could you spend consistent, focused time on it until the site really had all dots connected? And enjoy the process?

I’m responding because I can certainly relate to several of your points. I can tell you are creative and full of ideas. Ideas might come more easily than implementation, BUT I know you could pull off whichever one you choose.

Anyway, for encouragement, let me post a link to an article I read a few days ago:

I only wish I had the author’s energy. But her point is that weird topics can sell. I’m not saying that aquaponics is real weird, but I did have to look it up. 🙂

Anyway, the topic has my vote, and you do, too.

Best wishes,


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