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Remcy Mongrue

great day today on the call. I think I’m going to make an action plan on promoting my business in specific details for each week. The email campaign is done (for now i’ll probably edit it later). I still have a bit more to do but I’m confident I can do it. I have the next 2 days off and Sean Mize has inspired me again. so here’s my checklist at least for now.

1. Finish those 2 products through powerpoint.
2. write 15 post’s on my website as a whole (I only have 5 right now)
3. Begin my Tip of the Day series. A tip of the day section where i give advice everyday
4.maybe I’ll make a post that is strictly audio or strictly video or a powerpoint post maybe (wow just thought about that one)
5. put up 4 weeks of membership content on my website completed

After that then I will start more with promoting

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