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by Bob Thibodeau
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Bob Thibodeau

That’s correct, Sean. It’s about six months old. However, just from my daily emails, I am now up to 14 subscribers into the 30 day free membership! “Just from the daily emails!” I’m averaging 45 opens now on each email at 4.8% open rate. Still low – but showing improvement.
I’m continuing to send daily emails, 5 days per week. The 30 day membership mails 7 days per week.

Next week, probably the Tuesday email, I’m going to offer a free e-book; reinforce it Wednesday and then “take it away” after the email on Thursday…and see if that will get some more sign ups.

I’m getting ready to schedule my first “conference call training” on Thursday…I am working on the email for that to the “the group” now. I’ll let everyone know how that goes on this page…

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