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by Trevor Dumbleton
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Trevor Dumbleton

Read Sean’s “final chance to enroll” email and PDF. A good model to follow for any product we’re creating.

Wrote the slides, recorded a 16 minute video for what will be the (probably $1, maybe dime sale from that price) entry level product (that’s the link to the video, it will be on a download page when the product goes live along with the PDF of the slides)

Wrote the first draft of the sales letter – likely near enough the final draft as well. I’ll read it through & tweak it tomorrow or the day after, do the Warrior Plus buttons, work out what the upsell path is going to be & get that created, etc.

Aim is to launch soon – hopefully within a week or so, 100% commission to affiliates on probably the entire funnel so that I add more buyers to my list.

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