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Kevin Stanley

I’ve been away from my thread for several days now as I’ve been pondering on my positioning with the productivity niche. My answer came to me when I was up early one morning over the weekend with just the sound of birdsong for company. Thinking about my purpose for this niche and what I want to achieve I came to my answer, which is to help people overcome the stress, overwhelm and many other negative feelings that come from a lack of organisation and effective time/task management.

So for me it isn’t about making someone into a super achiever, or a corporate success. It’s about helping them get rid of the pain of feeling like they can never get on top of things, get done what they need to or spend the time they want to with their loved ones.

So following on from this I have started researching / outlining topics for my first 10 by 10 matrix. My plan is to start with a general primer for people starting from scratch and then to build deeper products based on the needs on the list I create.


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