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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

Ok, folks, time for a decision. I spent Saturday mulling over various options. It didn’t seem very productive, but maybe more so than I thought at the time. has turned into a monster. It is functional, but I am afraid it will be more work and cost to “add” the real features I want for it and to give it its real purpose. I am held up primarily by finances, but there are some serious tech learning curves that could be lurking behind the bushes as well. So, frankly, I am not real excited about moving forward on it at this time. I can keep it running as is by adding more RR and PLR products, but that’s a lot of work in and of itself.

Saturday, I am afraid I gave a pep talk to the wrong person. Our fellow member and friend, Alvin Arntson, was discouraged and I said what I felt compelled to share with him, including my fear of creating videos. Then, I went back to my office and gelled out watching some Aquaponics videos on YouTube.

Sunday morning, I did the unthinkable. Seriously, without thinking, I picked up my camera and started to shoot video. For 8 tries, I blew the first 45 seconds of each video and started over. Finally, on my ninth, I just kept going. I produced my first acceptable 12+ minute video for YouTube. (or facebook, etc.)

Additionally, I wrote two short articles, mostly space-takers as my front page gave dumb looking messages where there would be no articles. I set up the autoresponder, spent 4+ hours on the phone with HostGator (still haven’t settled the issue,) and wrote my first autoresponder email. All that in a day full of errands and interruptions.

This morning, I played around with YouTube editing and WOW the video looks so much better! I joined Adsense and got my video monetized. Again, this is while running errands, doing chores, and being interrupted occasionally (much less than yesterday.)

Basically, the site is complete. No more techy stuff to break down (except when I convert to GetResponse after I have a stream of income coming in.) Regular maintenance need only be 1 email every third day, one article per week, and one 5-10 minute video every other week and I will have accomplished more with this site than I actually planned for it.

For monetization, I am looking at adding adsense to the videos (done) and to the site. Looking for affiliate products on ClickBank, etc. and using Amazon, Walmart and/or eBay ads.

This is a topic in which I have already written 3 PLR articles I can use on it. I know enough that I should be able to write a pretty big beginner’s how-to-get started in aquariums book. So, I definitely see potential in pursuing this niche.

Somewhere along the way, I need to figure out how to create a list-builder book or video or something.

But, to throw in the proverbial monkey-wrench, I have been neglecting my weight loss and have put on a few pounds. I really need to get serious about that again. Having recently lost 45 pounds, I do have something to work with now. (I put up the three weight loss sites before I lost the weight.)

The question is “Should I do only one at the time, or enter-twine them?” I have to do the weight-loss as it is affecting my breathing again. I have 4 active aquariums, one more ready to be set up and two more coming soon to be set up. Needless to say, I will be working on both weight loss and aquariums continuously for quite some time to come.

I probably should have written this in coaching or in accountability, but I am following up on my original message. I like it here because I really appreciate the open-involvement for all coaching members here, and Coach Sean doesn’t seem to mind answer here any more than in the Coaching forum as long as he doesn’t have to answer in both.

I want to thank everyone for reading and/or responding. I really hope that my experience here helps encourage others to move forward. Not to mention, all your responses help me, too.

And thanks to Alvin. I know, I think I owe you an apology, (I said I was too scared to shoot video… duh!) but maybe responding to your email was actually answering my need as well.

I need to post one more thing, write my accountability report and write my daily email.

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