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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

After an unproductive work-week (which was to be expected due to my schedule) last week, I entered Saturday a little depressed and discouraged. I had a seriously hard decision to make. turned out to be too much work the way it was currently set up. My goal is to lighten my load, not take on another job.

Ultimately, the decision was mostly made for me on Sunday when I did what was most on my mind.

  • created a video
  • set up an autoresponder
  • configured a website
  • wrote two blog posts
  • wrote an autoresponder email
  • edited the video
  • posted the video

Except for a few things like setting up a contact form, about and legal pages, MyAquarium.Rocks is now complete and launched! It’s primarily monetized with adsense and affiliate links, but there is plenty of opportunity to create a sales funnel as well.

My next decision is whether or not I should interweave working on Weight-Loss while working on the Aquaponics site. I NEED to get back to my weight loss plan! So I’ll be actively thinking about it and writing will come more natural.

Pros and cons:
The aquarium site is a blog. It will require some minimal on-going maintenance. But it’s also my hobby, I’ll be working on it for years to come.

The weight-loss site is to be a sales-funnel. Once completed, nothing! Very minimal maintenance and that’s it. On the other hand, I have nothing! Just my experience. I’ll have to create the site from the ground up, create each piece of the sales funnel, JV info and links, and all the email sequence for the various autoresponders. I guess I better design it, too. I also haven’t even created the matrix for it.

The weight-loss site will be a lot of work from beginning to end, but when it is done, it is pretty much done. Drive JVs to it and let’er ride!

I also have my site. I think that would be a good one to work on after the weight-loss site. It is a squeeze page with no product and needs an autoresponder. It could be configured for an affiliate site pretty quickly.

Right now, Ninja’s on the back burner where I expect it to stay. So I am leaning towards touching up MyAquarium.Rocks and then focusing my main attention back on my health, primarily weight loss. In the meantime, I’ll take time off for periodic aquarium work.

Tonight! Write the second email and check my PLR for a website article on MyAquarium.Rocks.

Tomorrow: Finish up the legal pages and contact pages for MyAquarium.Rocks.

The rest of the week: Organize my weight-loss material and start planning my weight loss again.
Start the 10×10 Matrix outline for weight-loss.
Write two more emails, and pick and write or rewrite two articles for MyAquarium.Rocks.

Next weekend: Choose or create an aquarium video and plan the next week’s projects for the site.
Plan an initiate my weight-loss plan.

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