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by Sharon Bechtold
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Sharon Bechtold

Listened to the audio in the All Access group this morning on Price Based Results.

I am a bit of a pioneer in my industry so there isn’t anyone doing what I intend to do. Although they are doing it in similar industries. So I am taking what I normally teach live and working on getting some form of structure together for online/remote delivery. The 10×10 matrix is a help and I am getting feedback from my daily emails and growing my list. Still feels overwhelming since I really feel I am blazing an untrodden path.

Next step today –
create written content or video outline based on my 10×10 matrix
write my daily email
upload a youtube snippet of the project I’m working on (hummingbird) with link to squeeze page
Post Youtube on my site and share on FB – my page and groups
Post an image of the artwork in progress with a link in Instagram to the youtube video

(I still need to figure out the membership stuff for my site as I’m not sure how it works. I have 65 completed patterns in PDF format ready to upload in a membership site. I also have about 10 hours of video demonstration that I have to compile in Camtasia)

I am video taping the artwork I am working on for a gallery so I can create trainings and patterns in the future. I have 12 pieces due by Mid May so I will have at least 12 complete tutorials and 12 new patterns by then.

I’m trying not to get overwhelmed and just keep moving forward. The 10×10 matrix should help.

I must admit that I am easily rattled. I know the quality of my work is extremely high and I do consider myself the top Pyrography instructor/designer and one of the top pyrographic artists – yes I can dominate my market (no, I’m not bragging – I’ve been doing this a long time and have the experience and credentials to back it up). This doesn’t mean I’m not scared to death to put myself out there in a bold way. No one else it stepping up to dominate so I really need to get out there, planning that this training will get me there.

Thanks for your support 🙂

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