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Kevin Stanley

I’m working on my 10 x 10 matrix, it won’t be exactly 10 x 10 but there is a lot of information coming together as I work on it which is making me excited to get creating. I’m finding it a useful exercise to look at books and courses in the niche already to see the topics they cover as this gets you thinking.

Once done I intend to create the following:

* A general / high level product which introduces the customer to the subject
* More in depth products for each of the main topics
* Group coaching with is access to the in depth products with added forum / telephone call.
* 1 on 1 coaching with tailored additional information.

I’m thinking that once I have created the first product I can then create a squeeze page opt-in which is one of the topics from that product (so a free chapter in effect). I can then start creating the in depth content and as I do this extract articles, you tubes and emails from them in order to start building my list.


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