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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

Today, I reorganized myself. I sorted out what I need to complete each of three websites and to work on my business in general.

I finally bit the bullet and subscribed to GetResponse today. It’s another learning curve, and it is missing one of the features I have all my websites designed around. Well, that’s not really major, but it means I have to rethink the process of adding members to my list and distributing their free product (if there is one.)


  • Added MailChimp Autoresponder
    (That sucks!)
  • Added GetResponse
    (Another learning curve, but much better)
  • Edited Confirm Page
  • Troubleshooted JetPack-
    Gave up and disabled it– bad tech!

At this time, MyAquarium.Rocks is completed! I just need to add 1 email to the autoresponder, and then I will just add content as I create it. I have 4 active aquarium, 3 ready to set up. I think I will have plenty to write and video about…:)

When I replace the autoresponder with GetResponse, I’ll be done with the site itself!
I just need to create a “template” or “System” to take PLR as I receive it, convert it, and get it uploaded quickly.
Otherwise, I just need to keep it updated on emails and new products.
This is my new, in-house created PLR site. It will be where I offer PLR created by me or for me. I will connect it to JVZoo with buy-buttons on each product. I learned I can create one ‘master’ product and make all other products fall in the sales funnel so a JV only needs to be approved for one item and he/she is approved for all.
Things to do: EVERYTHING! It’s just a domain name now. I doubt I will get to it tomorrow, but it’s here in case I do.

Well, that’s not really my current business plan, but a friend needed some direction so I assigned him to the 10×10 matrix.

You can have anything you want in life, if only you help enough other people get what they want.

(The Late, Great Zig Zigglar)

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