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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

Ok, unless I reply to someone, this is my last post on this topic.

After full consideration, I took time this morning to evaluate my options again in light of the four requirements of my business model.

  1. Work Once – Repeat Business
  2. Automatable/Outsourced
  3. Duplicable
  4. JV/Affiliate Friendly
I have effectively retired further plans for It is what it will ever be for some time, and that is a general and open marketplace for RR and PLR products that I can post there when I buy them.

The structure of MyAquarium.Rocks is complete! Basically, I just need to keep up with emails and articles for the time being and it is completed. I completed a 10×10 matrix (which looks more like 3 x 12 x 10) and could probably add another layer of ten. I think I can create a lot of products from that one. They will just take some time as some are experiments and some require a lot of research.

The two domains above just need minimal tweaking and emails and they are completed.
So my next project is to bring out of mothballs. When I got it, the name competed with one of Tiffany Lambert’s students, so out of respect for both of them, I mothballed it and bought But, now has been retired to an affiliate-links search engine. So I am comfortable using it.

Instead of making a shopping cart, I will be using JVZoo buy buttons. I can create one master product, probably a freebie, and list all the rest as part of the sales funnel. This site is reserved only for PLR created by me or for me. The general products that are available to just about everyone, will be sent to Some exceptions may apply.

Weight Loss Niche
I lost 45 pounds last year! But, now I put 6 of it back on. It’s time for me to focus on losing weight again.
I have a PLR site that needs articles and after is completed, I have 3 weight loss domain names that I can use or choose from to set up as well. The sites are on the back burner, but the weight loss is coming forward no later than this weekend.

IMB (not a name, just my shorthand for Info Marketing Business)
My daily tasks are:

  1. Write email(s)
  2. Write article(s)
  3. Coaching Lessons

My weekly tasks are:

  • Learn Impress
  • Update
  • Update MyAquarium.Rocks
  • Update
  • Lose Weight &
    Weight Loss 10×10 Matrix

There it is! This is how difficult I can make it.

Thank you all for your input.
Don’t be shy if you want help. That’s what we are paying for. 🙂

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