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by Sharon Bechtold
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Sharon Bechtold

Busy Day today.

Emails – Been sending out a daily email – getting a few unsubscribes but also getting feedback from subscribers. Been picking up from 3 – 7 subscribers per day.

Building Products- I opened a basic account with ClickFunnels to set up my membership site. Started uploading content already – super easy platform, I will need to make it earn its keep though (a bit pricey).

Generating Content – Am writing one item on my 10×10 matrix per day and also video taping my work in progress for YouTube and training.

Marketing Content – Publishing to YouTube and/or writing article to share online and directing them to my opt-in

Evaluating all my related websites and domains and figuring out where they fit in. – hosted on Weebly – my main site 10+years old with store and blog – hosted on BlueHost – active about 5 years mostly a pyro blog – hosted on – domain name is 9 years old, site is 6 months old – hosted through Fine Art America – sells my artwork and has a blog too – hosted on Host Gator – blog on Pyro stuff – new site need to set up – domain on GoDaddy – no site yet – domain only on GoDaddy – no site yet (used to be an etsy shop) – domain only on GoDaddy – no site yet

Here is my list for YouTube and Article marketing/blogging – where I either post my articles or share my videos

Working on evaluating Forums and groups. I am already a member of a number of them but need to evaluate effectiveness and where to spend my time.

Social Media
– Facebook Posting to my professional page and Pyro/wood art groups
– Instagram – sharing images and sending them to the website.

Other Stuff:
I’ve gotten in touch with Pyrography magazine. I wrote an article and pattern for their last issue and sent in a pitch for the next issue.
I’ll be submitting another article to ChipChats magazine – I have an ongoing pyrogaphy column in there (since 2013).
Followed up on a query from last year by Fox Chapel Publishing for a book they want me to publish with them.
I have one book that is out now on through Sparkleberry Industries just went live today.

Whew! I think I need a nap!!!

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