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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

Slow in the progress for today, but I did accomplish things.

First, I woke up at 5:00 A.M., a bit late for me, and I didn’t know what to write. I usually have something on my mind. Then, I realized I have my 10×10 matrix, so I pulled it out, copied a section of it to a new Writer document and went to writing. I completed my 500 word article in about 45 minutes! I saved the article in it’s folder and pasted the new writing into the outline. Now I have an article and a book chapter! 🙂

I wasted half the day chasing after money owed me that I’ll probably never see.

Then, I learned more about GetResponse. It’s layout is a bit illusive to me, so I am struggling to find things I need. I broke it earlier doing some experimenting and spent an hour or more on chat with Tech Support. I figured out the answer and had to explain it to the support guy. Oh well, lesson learned: Experiment on lists that are NOT active and in use!

I am now deciding whether to write an article on self-improvement or emails for….

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