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by Mark Rhodes
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Mark Rhodes

Hey, Al.

I believe you will figure out a way that works. Perhaps you can work “how I overcame physical limitations” into your story.

I’ve used Dragon Naturally a little and will be pulling it out again myself. The software is supposed to learn your voice better with use, so don’t give up on day one.

Also, I have had two voice over clients in the past, if that might be a helpful resource for you. The first one is Peter Fenstermacher. Great male voice and a fine person. I can dig up an email address for referral. I know I have it.

I wish I could remember the other person’s last name. It must have been 12 or maybe even 15 years ago. She had quite a story herself. Jackie (Jacqueline) something or other. She was from the UK, lived in New England when she called me, had married an American who was no longer in the picture, was going blind…and had the most delicious British voice. I’d hire her in an instant.


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