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by Sharon Bechtold
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Sharon Bechtold

Hi Sean,

I like the ease of use that Clickfunnels has. The drop and drag interface. I will be doing lots of videos and pdf downloads. Because my business is visual and demonstration based I need to be able to keep everything looking nice.

Here is what I need

Upload and view Videos – multiple for each section
Instructional text
PDF downloads – multiple for each section
Drip fed content
Forum would be nice but will probably just do a private FB group as I find them easier to manage (did this with my last program and it worked well)

I want it to be easy to use for me. I have enough tech stuff in creating the videos and instruction, I don’t need to be struggling with my membership platform.

This frustration has kept me from moving forward with the membership site. I finally decided to simply invest in the Clickfunnels basic tool and build the membership on there. I’ve used it before and like the ease. You are right that it is not a membership site and I’m concerned that it will bite me in the butt sometime in the future.

However, I am also not moving forward right now.

Soooo I need to make a decision.

I’m still at a point where I haven’t invested too much time (or money). I can still course correct.

Reviewing Wishlist member as a possibility. I had bad dreams last night about Clickfunnels going POOF with all my content.


Thanks 🙂

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