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Mark Rhodes

Worked a little more on the Business Blueprint.

Site maintenance – blocked some forum spammers. Russian email addresses and Nigerian links in their messages. Looks like I succeeded.

Sent symptom analysis and lab results to one of my clients (patients) yesterday. Phone consultation with her and her husband this morning. Put together her protocol to email to her tomorrow. She is really sick, so helping her is a combo of a little bit of stress and a lot of satisfaction. From a business point of view, easy money. From a personal point of view, my goal is to see people healed and walking in health. One of these appointments per day would be just right.

Listened to Sean’s excellent message (Fantasy to Reality) this morning.

Family time with wife and son at home, son in another state by phone, and FaceTime with daughter in another state.

Signed up to be an affiliate for 4 health summits. Sent those affiliate links to a doctor friend of mine who will sign up for at least a couple of those.

***Anyone in the health niche might consider getting affiliate links to those summits. They are very popular right now.***

3 hours as a pitching coach for the high school.

I got contacted today by the man who runs the affiliate program for one of the big health summit networks. He found me on one of my sites that I have not touched in ages! He wants to talk to me tomorrow. It could be something small, but I’m hoping to be a guest speaker someday. Maybe this time around. 🙂


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