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by Sharon Bechtold
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Sharon Bechtold

I’ve cancelled my Clickfunnels trial and am doing more research on membership sites.

I’ve been sending out daily emails, getting good responses and activity.

Yesterday I tried recording my topics instead of writing. Came out good for non-demo information. Lots of what I teach is mindset and art theory so it seems to be working out well. (thinking of trying the presentation option on Instant Teleseminar to see if I can at least put in some visuals)

Recorded 30 minutes again today and found a transcriber on Fivrr – going to see if I can get it transcribed to clip parts of it for articles. This should save some time. Sent in my 30 minute audio on the basics of rendering animal fur.

Created another video yesterday, posted and promoted.

No more work for today and the weekend. I’m flying out to Dallas to be with my oldest son as he turns 30 tomorrow. Time is precious and kids grow up too fast. Thanks for all the support and make it a blessed weekend!!!!

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