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Mark Rhodes

Thanks, Cynthia. Yes, I am clear about 90% of the time. I struggle over a couple of areas and have for 20 years. I’ll try to explain it in a few days when I update “Blueprint Your Business” (weaknesses).

I heard from my sick client today. She sounded LOTS better. My job much of the time is just to listen. I’m a very calm person, and people who call me in a panic usually have some calmness rub off.


Today –

I got the best possible outcome on the phone call with the man who runs the affiliate program at Health Talks Online. He wants me on the list for guest speakers. Their average summit has 50,000 – 60,000 registrants. Their big ones are two or three times that. The “pay” for speakers is exposure.

On the other hand, the “pay” for affiliates is 40-50% commissions…anyone in the health niche could list past summits in your store and future ones to your list. I’m just learning all about this myself. My friend ordered one, so I made $26.80 today.

Anyway, with daughter and grandson here most of the day, it wasn’t much of a business day. I did get that short call from yesterday’s patient. And I got a message from a friend who got diagnosed with a Helicobacter pylori infection and wants a natural solution. I’ll call him over the weekend.

I should get a few hours in on the Blueprint each day now until I get it done.

Accountability posting keeps me on my toes, helps me realize how little or how much I get done in a day. It also reminds me how family is such a high priority for me. Tomorrow, we’ll see another son, daughter-in-law, toddler, and the next one due in June.

Thanks for making accountability a key part of the coaching program, Sean.


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