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Dejan Cerv

Thanks for advice Sean.

Yesterday and today I was listening to your training.

Background Training to Build Your Blueprint

Here are my notes:
– the 9 components to the business
1. Targeted visitors that come from advertising on niche websites;
2. Write daily emails, every single day;
3. Create recordings for low ticket products;
4. Create a bundle of your low ticket products and sell them as mid ticket products;
5. Bundle even more products together and create massive training and add some homework lessons;
6. Create membership (your training center);
7. Build relationship where people trust you and buy from you;
8. From time to time work with somebody personally;
9. Create training that changes lives.
– You need 3,5 hour schedule, every day.
o 1 hour for product creation (writing, reporting, creating videos, or something else);
o 30 min for writing email to your list;
o Spend the rest of the time on getting people to become subscribers.
– 4 things you should never do:
1. Don’t read your email first thing in the morning,
2. Don’t go on your social media first thing in the morning and don’t be uncontrolled about searching online;
3. Don’t do what you do just because of the money;
4. Don’t build your business without giving value.
– Where should you focus your time (content creation + writing emails 20%, building list 80%)
– Provide value in exchange for money;
– Sell products that meet needs;
– Re-purpose content.

The Outline of My Blueprint

What are the 3-5 things you should be singularly focusing on in your business to achieve YOUR goals?

1. Getting 500 subscribers per month. (Articles, blog posts, videos, audios).
2. Email them to build relationship and tell them about my membership. I will write daily emails.
3. Working on my membership site that runs on membership software to keep track of everything and that I can add training, lessons and content to it over time. (lessons, content, sales pages, download pages, etc.).

If ALL you did each day was work on those 3-5 things, what would your DREAM or DREAM BUSINESS look like in 6 months?

I would have 3000 subscribers, 300 members, 180 articles, 180 videos, 180 audios

Would it be okay if you did NOTHING else but those 5 things during your working time? What things do you to today that could be totally eliminated? (For example, facebook, email, TV, etc.)? What could you eliminate and it wouldn’t take away from your goal?

I could eliminate watching TV. I need to unsubscribe from some lists because I’m receiving tons of emails every day that just distract me.

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