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Your Daily Schedule to Achieve Your Blueprint

My notes:

Commit to write daily content (at least 30 minutes every day). It’s better to write daily content than once per week.
If you write daily you get more and better ideas for content.
Creating content daily produces a higher quality of content (it’s deeper and more creative).
Expert level content is clearer and deeper then anything else on the marketplace.
Expert level content is opinionated, because it’s based on the experiences.
To make information deep you need to ask “why” questions.
What is impacting the content I’m creating?
How do we make our content strategic?
How does this content impact some internal/external situation?

Instead of creating the list of daily content, create a list of daily questions someone might have.
Write a list of questions people might have.
Ask someone you know to create a list of questions he has.
Ask people to write you list of questions they might have about your topic.
At the end go through your content and ask yourself questions: What kind of questions will people have about my content?
How do you do that, why, what is my strategy, how can I make it more strategic, what is my opinion, etc.
Write down ideas for your content when you read blogs, read magazines or books.

What is holding you back? Fear that in 30 minutes you won’t produce something worth sharing.
If fear is holding you back or you feel pressure, simply make commitment to create content 30 minutes every day for the next 30 days no matter what quality it will be.

If you don’t write daily content on the long rung you don’t create as much content.

How can I best help people? (Ask your prospects)
Create a funnel based on how you can best help people
Your entire business is all about how you can help people.
Your website, articles, free giveaways, training, coaching program, sales letters should be structured based on how you can help people
Your goal should be based on how you can help people.
Everything you do in your business should be around how can I help you.
Everything in your business should support how I can help you.

What is my purpose in my business?
It’s to help people build their dream online business so they can work less, make more and spend more time doing what they love.
I help people overcome their “inner challenges” and the most common obstacles that keep people from reaching their goals and dreams.

3-5 things that need to happen each day to achieve my goal.
– create content (training creation or product review) – 1 hour
– write daily email – 15 minutes
– write 1 article and convert it into video – 1 hour
– work on your sales letter and membership – 45 min (adding lessons to membership, creating squeeze pages, writing sales letter
– put your content online, so that people who need what I teach can find it (articles, blog posts, videos, etc) -30 min

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